Fixtures of St Mark's Square

Sunday 2 February 2014

This is an image from March 2013 from the clock tower in St Mark's Square, Venice. It is a composite of a few dozen hand-held exposures on a basic point-and-shoot camera. I combined these on the computer to give the effect of a long exposure, and selectively lightened parts of the image.

This is one of the original exposures of the busy square at 1/400s.

I loaded the exposures into separate layers, auto-aligned the layers, and then cropped to this central section that was common in most of them. There are a few stripes visible near the top which was cut off in some of the originals.

Cleaning up some sections using the clone tool, and reducing the transparency of a few sections.

Lightening much of the image, and extending upwards to avoid the top-right stall being on the edge of the frame. I did that mainly by cloning pieces from further down the image, and then fading out with a white gradient.