Sunset at the Deep End

Thursday 6 February 2014

This is an image from July 2012 of the tidal pool at Brixham in Devon when high tide coincided with sunset. The water only went a few inches above the floor in the foreground—I would like to go back some time when the sides of the pool are completely submerged.

This is an exposure of around eight minutes. I did not like the colours from the nearby lights, or the burnt-out lights along the horizon.

I straightened the railings with Filters -> Adaptive Wide Angle in Photoshop. Also, to remove the coast opposite the pool, I copied the sky down to cover it.

Mono conversion using Topaz BW effects. I usually experiment with the adaptive exposure settings, mainly Regions and the overall Adaptive Exposure level. I'm not sure exactly what settings I used here.

Adding the mono conversion at 55% opacity over the colour version.

Adding a copy of the sky on a new layer, applying a horizontal motion blur, and blending it in again around the join with the sea.

Adjust the colour balance, and I think desaturating the image a bit more.

Final version. Cropping to remove the plain right hand side. Making the sea and sky a little brighter, painting with a soft edge and low opacity.